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The universe is queerer than we can suppose: Richard Dawkins on

The universe is queerer than we can suppose: Richard Dawkins on

What if the light at the at the end of the tunnel is really us being pushed out our mother’s vagina.

What if the first human was a giant hermaphrodite vagina Squirting out Humans.

These two make a good pair

These two make a good pair









No Dancing in DC:

New Federal Law- No Dancing at the Jefferson Monument. Flash Mob to protest by Dancing at Jefferson Monument. On July 4th.

More news to come.

But really, we are better off protesting by not ever going to DC. You want to protest make DC a ghost town. 

Tell them “if that’s how you treat us on our own land, we do not want to participate in your government”

Police Brutality at the Silent Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial (by bszoka)

Ron Paul 2012

Listen closely at 3:25. This video makes me sick.

I implore all of my DC/Virgina/Maryland etc. followers to engage in this protest!

Jefferson would be encouraging it!

This is disgusting.


This is sick..

What the fuck.

so don’t get me wrong I don’t support police brutality….but as american citizens WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING in a national monument? Why are you dancing in a national monument? What point are you trying to prove? Respect Jefferson, learn about him, see what he did, see what a proud person supported america and made it into the way it is today. All you did was just get everyone kicked out and deny them the right to enjoy one of our few fine national parks. Plus the cops look like they had enough of it, they asked you to stop, you guys didn’t. They followed procedure and you didn’t listen. They gave you a chance, you guys weren’t silent at all btw….according to the youtube video. The cops all look like they had enough for the day. Since when the fuck we’re cops not human? They get frustrated too. Brutality? Shit, didn’t know grabbing someone and pushing them was brutality…last time i checked on the victims of police brutality, their face was bleeding, and beaten half death…..pluss the tourist at the end looked pretty pissed off too.  


Well that tourist was enjoying her day until these rogue cops decided to start handcuffing people. And also this is America maybe in Communist China and Korea or Jewish Europe that’s the norm but don’t try to make US like Asia or Europe by defending these “officers” if you can even call them that.

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