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FDA ‘Wrong’ Not To Ban BPA, Health Advocates Say

It was reported not too long ago that the Food and Drug Administration would make a decision on the banning of the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). Now, the agency has finally come to a decision, and unsurprisingly, it has decided that there is not enough scientific evidence supporting for the ban of BPA – that is to say, BPA will not be banned from use in food products, plastic packaging, and personal care products.

On Friday the agency made the decision due to lack of scientific evidence to justify the new restrictions, despite tons of evidence showcasing BPAs dangers. The FDA’s problem? Much of the research was performed using mice, and so they claimed that the findings don’t relate to humans.

“While evidence from some studies have raised questions as to whether BPA may be associated with a variety of health effects, there remain serious questions about these studies, particularly as they relate to humans,” the FDA says.

But it seems that many other nations and companies seem to disagree with the FDA, in that they have already taken action in banning or removing the chemical from use. Canada banned BPA from baby bottles in 2007, while the European Union, Turkey, and other countries banned BPA from baby bottled in 2008. What’s more, various companies such as Toys “R” Us and even Walmart claimed to have discontinued use of BPA in children’s items.

BPA has been shown to prompt hyperactivity and depression in young girls, while also being linked to breast cancer in more than 130 studies. Infertility and fertility defects are also caused by BPA exposure. The chemical is used so widely that it has been found in the urine of nearly 93 percent of Americans, with one study finding that eating canned soup can spike urinary bisphenol-A levels by 1,200 percent compared to fresh soup.


"Ludicrous." "Bogus." "Illogical."

Scientists and public health advocates expressed frustration on Friday as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it will continue to allow the chemical bisphenol-A in food and beverage containers.

The decision denied a request from the Natural Resources Defense Council to ban some uses of BPA — such as in plastic food packaging and coated metal cans — that may introduce the hormone-scrambling substance into Americans’ diet.

"We believe FDA made the wrong call," Sarah Janssen, senior scientist in the public health program at the NRDC, said in a statement. "The agency has failed to protect our health and safety ­— in the face of scientific studies that continue to raise disturbing questions about the long-term effects of BPA exposures."

As The Huffington Post reported on Thursday, a court gave the FDA until Saturday to answer the 2008 petition filed by the environmental group, which referenced health effects linked to BPA. That list includes conditions that include asthma and diabetes, with fetuses, babies and young children at greatest risk. Some scientists think that hormonal changes during pregnancy, triggered by exposures to endocrine disruptors such as BPA, may also increase the risk of behavioral disorders including autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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