Happy July 4th - No More Brother War
Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th

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End The Genocide of European, American Natives, and democide of our peoples on all lands that has and is being cast victim to Government Usurpation and their Plague of Media propaganda, perpetual war, Apostatism, Genocide, and Lies. In the US people allow the government to do to them what they wouldn't let any individual human being do to them. Let's reverse the THX1138 You can start here
-}Liberty News Daily__ You can also Fight the Tyranny Here -}Texas Independence_ Also here -}Draw A Line_ And Here -}Accent Radio News_ Do you have cancer or know someone who does have cancer Contact LaseMed

The Real Revolution_Why did you kill him?_The Real Revolutionaries: ---}Agenda 21For Dummies_____DEATH BY GOVERNMENT: By R.J. Rummel, Hawaii.edu

End the Brother War, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

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