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Anonymous fights Arizona censorship bill with “butthurt form”

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>YourAnonNews, a highly-followed Twitter account that regularly relays information pertinent to the Anonymous hacktivist collective, has circulated an incident report (along with the fax address for the governor’s office) for anyone in Arizona who may have already gotten their britches into a bind because of some online tomfoolery. The group has sent out a copy of a “Butthurt Report Form,” which asks the victim to describe any incidents that would fall under the umbrella of the new bill’s big list of no-nos.

>Did a message board post get you down? Or maybe a Livejournal comment was the culprit. Whether it’s a LOLCat, a blog rant or even an actual news item, the form has you taken care of with a handful of options to better express your annoyance with an unruly Internet troll. From there victims are asked to go into detail “about the incident of butthurt” and can chose from options such as “I lost an argument in a chat room” or “Someone wrote a story or anecdote that brought up Bad Memories and made me cry.”

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